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In the beginning Form was void and the spirit was Go(o)d. An awareness of finite and infinite demi-urged the conscious entity. Master of reason (Philosopher), Master of creation (Creator). Let there be light. Unto chaos I bestow my gift of order: four elements, void canvas, (a)ether to guide my work. To create the image of God, my disorder. Physical matter manifest, geometrical reality unfolds. I put soul in body. My essence shall infest. I am creation, creation is me. Every combination completed... Impossibility. Does it end here? This cease of creation defeats all reason to exist. Hierarchy dissolved, know thyself, Son. Unbecome to become again Perfectionist. Upon my cosmic altar I offer Alpha-Omega to the righteousness of infinite knowledge. Come back to me for eternity; I belong to you and you belong to me.


from Nativity, released August 22, 2014



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