by Ism

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released August 22, 2014

Recorded by Davis Maxwell



all rights reserved


Ism Niagara Falls, Ontario
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Track Name: Genesis
In the beginning Form was void and the spirit was Go(o)d. An awareness of finite and infinite demi-urged the conscious entity. Master of reason (Philosopher), Master of creation (Creator). Let there be light. Unto chaos I bestow my gift of order: four elements, void canvas, (a)ether to guide my work. To create the image of God, my disorder. Physical matter manifest, geometrical reality unfolds. I put soul in body. My essence shall infest. I am creation, creation is me. Every combination completed... Impossibility. Does it end here? This cease of creation defeats all reason to exist. Hierarchy dissolved, know thyself, Son. Unbecome to become again Perfectionist. Upon my cosmic altar I offer Alpha-Omega to the righteousness of infinite knowledge. Come back to me for eternity; I belong to you and you belong to me.
Track Name: Mother (Death)
Children overseen forever. Basking in the nauseous warmth of self-pollution. In seeking I've been creating my own world of absolution. This physical plane is my intrauterine environment and these mental teratogens have never seemed to relent. Solace in the loving arms of the Mother, Death. Existence ethereal. Escape from your love, immaterial. Intoxicate with your faint melodies divine. Through matter disintegrate, how I wish you to come, incarnate. My physical plane feeds from the same flesh that it births - cannibalistic: our master design. Ultimate faith in my Mother, Death. In a perfect world no fear exists of the inevitable. Death is now. Life breathes in a single unified moment. Life in death and death in life: one. In your presence all wounds do heal.
Track Name: Only Existing
No more living, only waiting - in patient waiting, suffering. A body incapable of supporting life paired with fire-will to live: ultimate strife. Ancient roots clotted with gloom, malnourished leaves wither in thirst. Frigid winds constrict the branches concluding this lonesome tomb. How does it feel when you stare into my eyes? An organic reflection of your angst. How does it feel to know I'm watching you die? No more living, only existing. It will all be over soon. Breathe.
Track Name: A Critical Thought
How do we know what we know, if we know anything at all? Ignorant construction of truth born from parental love into weathered cages of moral authority. Crawl at their feet, consume belief.
Question reality.
Question authority.
Question autonomy.
Track Name: Mind
Adversary pride-swelled. Weeping in ignorance she trudges and chokes on subjectivity. Under the weight, asphyxiate, sacred light unable to erupt. Disrupt egoistic binds on (God-given) spirituality. Self-loathe, your source of truth is found to be corrupt. This evil exists in tandem with righteousness, do you feel it? Repugnant aura of false consciousness radiates from the skin. I've lost all emotional capacity for pity, for those that choose the self over life. The weak don't deserve subsidy. Adversary: a gift, a tool. Have we lost the ability to reach full human potential or have we lost the courage to deny the hand that feeds our devil? Humans have not evolved at all. Embrace regression, our downward spiral.
Track Name: Deicide
Burrowing deep into the cavernous Mind. No truth, no answers to find. Calloused hands quake unsatisfied. A blank canvas looms, rendering white stain redundant. Engulf in flame, an homage of detestation. Cut me out: hysterotomy abortion. Sinking spirits stagnate. There is a bottom of soul, emotion, body and mind. Father; antagonizer, seminal destroyer. Mother; hoarder, swollen blasphemer. Amniotic deathbed. A dying god becomes man. Man. Impious coitus. Putrid animals entertain sinews, commit deicide. Coagulation: mortal callousness. Emaciation: carnal callousness. Your joy is my pain. Colours of livelihood muted.