Mother (Death)

from by Ism



Children overseen forever. Basking in the nauseous warmth of self-pollution. In seeking I've been creating my own world of absolution. This physical plane is my intrauterine environment and these mental teratogens have never seemed to relent. Solace in the loving arms of the Mother, Death. Existence ethereal. Escape from your love, immaterial. Intoxicate with your faint melodies divine. Through matter disintegrate, how I wish you to come, incarnate. My physical plane feeds from the same flesh that it births - cannibalistic: our master design. Ultimate faith in my Mother, Death. In a perfect world no fear exists of the inevitable. Death is now. Life breathes in a single unified moment. Life in death and death in life: one. In your presence all wounds do heal.


from Nativity, released August 22, 2014



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