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Adversary pride-swelled. Weeping in ignorance she trudges and chokes on subjectivity. Under the weight, asphyxiate, sacred light unable to erupt. Disrupt egoistic binds on (God-given) spirituality. Self-loathe, your source of truth is found to be corrupt. This evil exists in tandem with righteousness, do you feel it? Repugnant aura of false consciousness radiates from the skin. I've lost all emotional capacity for pity, for those that choose the self over life. The weak don't deserve subsidy. Adversary: a gift, a tool. Have we lost the ability to reach full human potential or have we lost the courage to deny the hand that feeds our devil? Humans have not evolved at all. Embrace regression, our downward spiral.


from Nativity, released August 22, 2014



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